Dog Day Care (my thoughts)

Do you have a dog and are thinking about sending them to day care? Do you work all day and leave your dog at home wondering if they get lonely. Well I’m going to tell you what I think of Dog or Doggie Day Care.

My thoughts on Dog Day Care is this, I think it is awesome. It’s the best thing I could’ve done for my dog. I have a 8 year old Golden Retriever, named Abigail,who is a very timid dog. So I didn’t think she would do well at Day Care. But I decided to give it a try. The place I take my dog said she had to pass the evaluation before she could start going to day care. The evaluation is a couple of hours spent at the day care without the owner around so they can see how your dog is around other dogs without you there. Guess what? Abigail passed her evaluation! I was really nervous that she wouldn’t just because she does get anxious around other dogs. But the owners of the day care said she did great and that she passed.

I started noticing a difference in Abigail in just a couple of weeks of taking her there. I started out taking her only half a day and I noticed a big difference when we have her around other dogs. Even one of the girls who works at the day care noticed that she was getting more comfortable walking in. I felt like a proud mom when she said that. After a couple of weeks of going to day care we decided to take her to the dog park. Abigail was great with the other dogs at the park. She even ran around playing with one of the dogs there. I truly feel like taking her to day care has helped her so much with her anxiety and that it will continue to help.

So my review on dog day care is that I highly suggest every dog owner to take their dog to one. Especially if you work all day, your best friend doesn’t have to wait at home all day for you. They can go have a play date with their new dog friends at the day care. It will also make you feel better knowing that your dog is with their friends and with great people taking care of them. I think if you have a puppy that it’s awesome if you decide to take them to day care, when they are ready to interact with other dogs of course. That way they get socialized when they are little and are used to being around other dogs.IMG_6888DSC_1311


Winter- My favorite season

I absolutely love winter. I love the cold weather and the rain and the snow. I love it all. I love looking out of my window in the morning with a cup of tea in my hand and watching the snow fall. I think it’s the most beautiful sight. I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.

I was born and raised in Cali. Which meant that I never got to see a lot of snow growing up. So when I decided to move somewhere else after high school that got snow, I was beyond excited. When I first moved to where I am now I prayed and prayed that we would get snow come winter time. But every winter when we got snow I would be back in California visiting family. I would be so upset. All I wanted was to see snow fall. I was beginning to give up.

Don’t get me wrong even if there was no snow winter was and still is my favorite season. But I was so upset that every time I left town it would snow. But when I would return it would all be melted. I still enjoyed the rain and the cold weather. Every morning I would open my blinds and look out at the rain falling and smile. Even though I gave up hope that it would ever snow when I’m actually home I still fall in love with winter every single day.

My dog, Abigail, loves winter just as much as I do. So every morning I take her outside and she runs like crazy through the puddles. And of course I would try to take pictures of her because she looked so darn cute. We have so much fun together when it rains, playing in puddles and making a wet mess of ourselves. But one of my favorite things to do in winter is to just make a cup of tea and watch the rain fall. It’s just so peaceful. I think my dog enjoys watching the rain too. Although she’s probably thinking “come on mom lets go play in the puddles!”.

When winter rolled around this year I expected nothing to change. I was thinking it will pour rain when I’m home but as soon as I leave it will start to snow. And it did just that. But it felt different this year. So I decided to pray, please God let it snow while I’m here! And guess what?? It did snow this year! I was so beyond excited. I woke up one morning  and it was snowing! It didn’t stick that day but I didn’t care. I was just so happy that it was snowing. But I sort of thought that that was it. That it wouldn’t snow anymore this year. But boy was I wrong. The couple weeks after the first snow fall (for me) it started snowing again! But this time it snowed a lot more. I was looking out of my window in the morning when it was falling just smiling and thanking God.

Of course I took my dog outside that day and she was loving the snow. I think she was just as happy as I was to see snow…maybe even more. She was running all over and rolling in the the snow. She was having a great time and I was just standing there in the snow smiling.

Thank you for reading this post all about my favorite season. Please leave what your favorite season/seasons are in the comments. I would love to know!