Morning Devotions

Since it’s Faith Friday I thought I would share my morning Devotions with you. I grew up in a Christian household. We always went to church Sunday morning, we still do. I am a 20 year old girl who is Christian. But I have been through tough times in my life that made me question my faith. As I’m sure we all have.

But I have recently hit a really low point in my life where I didn’t really want to be around anyone. I didn’t want to go outside. I stopped praying and reading my bible. I honestly don’t even know why. Nothing major happened recently. That was just how I felt. I knew part of the reason was my anxiety.  But one day I decided to say no I’m not going to keep living like this, always being afraid, never wanting to leave my house. I NEEDED God and I knew I needed him. So I continually prayed to God and got back into my morning Devotions.

That has been the best decision I’ve ever made. As soon as I get up in the morning a make a little breakfast because I’m always starving when I wake up. Then I go back in my room get out my Devotions and my Bible and start praying. I now can’t wait to wake up and start my day with God.

Yes my anxiety is still there. But spending time with God first thing in the morning takes some of the anxious feeling about the day ahead away. I’m able to step out of the house not feeling as anxious knowing that God is always with me and will always take care of me. I do not need to be afraid.

The Devotions I have been reading are Devotional Journal for Every Day of the Year By Sarah Young  Jesus Calling- ENJOYING PEACE in HIS PRESENCE. 

The second one is by Joyce Meyer Starting Your day right- Devotions for Each Morning of the Year

Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.”


Essential Oils

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day so far. Today I wanted to talk about essential oils. Now I am not an expert on them, I’ve only been using them for a little over a year. But I really do enjoy them, so I thought I would share my thoughts about Essential Oils on here.

So like I just said, I’ve only been using Essential Oils for about a little more then a year. I am a huge fan of them now though. I am on my second Oil Diffuser because my first one broke. But I must say I do like this one more. I am using the InnoGear Diffuser. Before I started using Essential Oils I used to go through candles like crazy. I still love candles because they give that warm and cozy vibe. A vibe that I think an Oil Diffuser just can’t give.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Essential Oils have completely changed my life because they haven’t. But they have changed some areas of my life. I can honestly say since I’ve started using Lavender Essential Oil every night when I go to bed I feel like I have been sleeping a lot better. And when I use Peppermint Essential Oils for joint pain/ growing pains it really does take away the pain.

So yes some really do help with certain areas. But mostly I just enjoy the different smells.  I really enjoy candles so I thought I would give Essential Oils a try and see if they do anything for me. I don’t believe Essential Oils are miracle workers or anything close. But I do really enjoy them. Would I recommend them? Well I would say it is up to you if you want to try them and spend the money.

Here are some of my favorite Essential Oils.

  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Essential Oils. What are your thoughts on Essential Oils? Please leave a comment.



So I started volunteering at my local Humane Society a couple of months ago and I absolutely LOVE it. It makes me get out of the house, which can be hard for someone that has anxiety. But not only that it changes my mood almost instantly when I get there. The animals get so happy when they see you and that makes me happy.

How did I get into volunteering? Well I NEEDED something that would get me out of the house. My home is my comfort zone and my anxiety made it so hard to go out and do things(especially by myself). But being stuck at home by myself was not good for my health either. Volunteering was a huge step for me because it meant that I would have to get in my car and drive to some where by myself. But my whole life I knew what my passion was…animals and helping them. So my dad suggested that I go to a shelters volunteer orientation and just see, I said ok.

I knew I wanted to help animals but I also knew that volunteering at an Animal Shelter could be really hard and that I would want to take all of the animals home. But actually it really isn’t that bad. If I’m not in a great mood that day but I decided to go volunteer when I come out my mood is completely changed. I’m in such a great mood when I leave because I know that I made the animals I have played with a little more comfortable and happy. They really do make my day and I think we make their day a little better too.

It is though very hard to not get attached to the animals you play with. And it is so hard leaving them at the end of the day and you never know if they will be there the next day because they could get adopted by then. Which is amazing for them! I always smile when I go on Facebook and see the dog that I’ve been hanging out with going to a new home.

I will never forget the first dog I got to hang out with on my first day (and for a couple of weeks after). She was a little Chihuahua named Sierra. She was so sweet and loving and yes it was hard when I saw that she got adopted because we bonded so much. But there was also so much joy in my heart for her knowing that she was going to a new home who will love her so much and take good care of her.

I now volunteer at not only my local Humane Society but also at my local Animal Shelter. I just loved the feeling I got when I knew that I gave the animals joy and some peace of mind that I wanted to help more animals. So I would totally recommend anyone to volunteer. But volunteer some where that has the same passion as you. It doesn’t have  to be at your local shelter. Anywhere that makes you happy and change your mood when you leave will be awesome.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my volunteering journey. Volunteering has truly changed me for the better. Please comment if you volunteer anywhere or if you want to start volunteering. I would love to hear your stories.


Current Skincare routine (mostly drugstore

In todays post I am sharing my current skincare routine. I love skincare and trying out different skincare items. But so many skincare brands out there are just so expensive. So I have been trying find drugstore skincare items that I feel really work. I have oily to normal skin, oily around my nose and on my chin. So if you have dry skin these items may or may not work for you.

So lets start with my morning skincare routine. I am not a morning person so I don’t want to take more steps then I need to get ready. So when I first wake up I use the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water to cleanse off all of the products I put on me face the night before. If I feel like I need a little more cleansing then I will use the Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial cleanser(oil free). Then after I have cleansed my face it is time for toner. Now I got a Lush gift card for Christmas so I decided to try out their one of their facial toners. The one that I’ve been using is their Tea Tree Water Toner Water. It says on the bottle that it is beneficial for anyone with oily skin. I feel like it really has been helping my oily skin. The next step is to moisturize your face. I have been loving Neutrogena naturals skincare line lately so I decided to give their day moisturizer a go. The one I’ve been using is their Multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer. It claims to replenish essential skin nutrients plus continuous moisture nourishment throughout the day. It also says it’s a daily moisturizer fortified with vitamins B,C,E and anti-oxidant omega bionutrients for healthier, younger looking skin. It says it won’t clog pores. That is my morning skincare routine.

Now onto my night skincare routine. This is the time were I really try to take care of my skin. I am not half asleep at this time (usually), so I really like to pamper my skin. I do like to take a shower at night before bed, I feel much cleaner if I do. So before I get in the shower I take of my makeup with Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. Then I get my Garnier Micellar cleansing water and get all of the makeup that the facial wipes didn’t get. Then I get in the shower, and in the shower I use Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and I can honestly say I have seen I difference with my pores while I’ve been using this. If I feel like that isn’t enough then I will go in with the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. This is a recent product so I’m not sure if it has really improved my skin or not. But it does make my skin feel really clean after. So those are the products I use while I am in the shower.

Next lets talk about the products I use after I get out of the shower. First of all I use my Tea Tree Water from Lush, I use this toner morning and night. Then I go in with my Elf Illumating Eye Cream. This is a recent also a recent purchase so I can’t say if it really helps my dark circles. I let this soak in for a few minutes before I go in with my next product. Which is the Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing night cream. It claims to replenish moisture and essential skin nutrients. I have noticed a difference in my skin while I’ve been using this product. I feel like my skin is a lot softer then it used to be.

So there it is, my current (mostly drugstore) skincare routine. Please comment some of your favorite skincare products at the moment. Even if they are high end products. I love trying new skincare brands. Also please leave a comment if you would like a update on the products that I just bought and still seeing if I like them.




Favorite Youtubers

I thought I would share some of my favorite Youtubers on here. I honestly can’t get enough of youtube, it’s part of my daily routine now. I probably watch youtube more then I watch TV. My favorite types of videos to watch are makeup tutorials, organization videos and vlogs. I LOVE vlogs. No matter how crappy my day has been some youtubers can always brighten my day and make me laugh. And I’m going to share who they are right now.

So lets start with Zoella (Zoe Sugg), she is probably my favorite youtuber ever. I just feel like we have so much in common and it’s so nice to watch not only her main channel videos, but I also really enjoy her blogs too. I just watched some( a ton) of blogs in her new playlist she recently made called her “My Favorite Vlogs” and she had my smiling, laughing and crying(happy tears). I just feel like she is the most genuine youtuber and I love how she is so open about her anxiety. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. She is just a very casual, relaxed youtuber and I really enjoy that.

Another one of my favorite youtubers is Casey Holmes. She is a beauty guru, but I trust her 100%. Every time I try one of her recommendations they never fail me. But keep in mind that she has very sensitive and oily skin so some of the products she recommends may not work for your skin type. But I still highly recommend checking out her videos. Casey is really sweet and genuine. I also like watching her vlogs, though she doesn’t post a whole ton on her vlog channel.  I still enjoy watching them.

Last but certainly not least, I really enjoy watching Remi Cruz on Youtube. I just absolutely love Remi. She is the most positive, upbeat and happiest person I’ve seen on youtube. I love Remi’s personality. Now she does a little bit of everything on her main channel, from makeup tutorials to DIYs. She is just an awesome person to watch if you need a little more positivity in your life. She also has a vlog channel  She  that I am also subscribed too. She has been posting a lot recently on both of her channels and her viewers (including me) have been loving it. So I would highly recommend her channels.

There you go , some of my all time favorite youtubers that I totally recommend you go and subscribe to them. I have many more you tubers that I watch on a daily basis. Maybe later on I will do another “favorite youtubers” blog. Comment and let me know if you watch any of the you tubers that I have recommended. Also comment some of your favorite you tubers I’m always looking for more you tubers to watch. 🙂

I will add their links below

Zoe Sugg

Casey Holmes

Remi Cruz







Hello!- new blogger :)

Hi everyone! I recently have gotten into blogging. I feel like it’s a safe place where I can write how I am feeling instead of trying to find the words to tell someone how I’m feeling.

So here’s a little bit of information about me. I’m a 20 year old girl who LOVES animals and I’m actually going to school to be certified Animal Trainer. Animals have always been a passion of mine. I’m so excited to start school in March. So I thought maybe throughout my schooling I can come on here and share what I have been learning.

I also started volunteering at local animal shelters near me and I absolutely love it. I love making all the animals there feel a little more comfortable and I little more happy.

But I also really enjoy photography. I am still learning about photography, but the more and more I learn about it the more excited I get to capture more memories and cool photos. So I thought I would also share some of the cool moments that I capture throughout my journey on here.

So I hope you learned a little something about me. This is my very first post on here so there will be more to come. Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope you all had a wonderful day.