Favorite Youtubers

I thought I would share some of my favorite Youtubers on here. I honestly can’t get enough of youtube, it’s part of my daily routine now. I probably watch youtube more then I watch TV. My favorite types of videos to watch are makeup tutorials, organization videos and vlogs. I LOVE vlogs. No matter how crappy my day has been some youtubers can always brighten my day and make me laugh. And I’m going to share who they are right now.

So lets start with Zoella (Zoe Sugg), she is probably my favorite youtuber ever. I just feel like we have so much in common and it’s so nice to watch not only her main channel videos, but I also really enjoy her blogs too. I just watched some( a ton) of blogs in her new playlist she recently made called her “My Favorite Vlogs” and she had my smiling, laughing and crying(happy tears). I just feel like she is the most genuine youtuber and I love how she is so open about her anxiety. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. She is just a very casual, relaxed youtuber and I really enjoy that.

Another one of my favorite youtubers is Casey Holmes. She is a beauty guru, but I trust her 100%. Every time I try one of her recommendations they never fail me. But keep in mind that she has very sensitive and oily skin so some of the products she recommends may not work for your skin type. But I still highly recommend checking out her videos. Casey is really sweet and genuine. I also like watching her vlogs, though she doesn’t post a whole ton on her vlog channel.  I still enjoy watching them.

Last but certainly not least, I really enjoy watching Remi Cruz on Youtube. I just absolutely love Remi. She is the most positive, upbeat and happiest person I’ve seen on youtube. I love Remi’s personality. Now she does a little bit of everything on her main channel, from makeup tutorials to DIYs. She is just an awesome person to watch if you need a little more positivity in your life. She also has a vlog channel  She  that I am also subscribed too. She has been posting a lot recently on both of her channels and her viewers (including me) have been loving it. So I would highly recommend her channels.

There you go , some of my all time favorite youtubers that I totally recommend you go and subscribe to them. I have many more you tubers that I watch on a daily basis. Maybe later on I will do another “favorite youtubers” blog. Comment and let me know if you watch any of the you tubers that I have recommended. Also comment some of your favorite you tubers I’m always looking for more you tubers to watch. 🙂

I will add their links below

Zoe Sugg

Casey Holmes

Remi Cruz








Author: Brooke Alexis

20 year old girl who loves animals and photography. But has a hard time putting her thoughts into words she can say out loud. So I decided to start a blog about my life journey as a Christian girl.

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